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Wayne James, Ltd.

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Our Mission:

To Simplify the Shopping Experience :
The aim of Wayne James Ltd.com is to simplify the shopping experience by offering one luxury item at a time. Each calendar quarter—every three months—only one item will be featured. Thereafter, that item will remain available—as part of the Reserve Collection—as a new item is introduced.

To Manufacture in the USA :
Whenever possible, the items offered for sale at Wayne James Ltd.com will be Made in the USA, the company and its customers thereby supporting American labor, strengthening the U.S. economy, and promoting American pride, while contributing to the great legacy of American manufacturing. 

To Offer Exquisite Luxury Items at Reduced Prices:
As an online retail venue, Wayne James Ltd.com is able to offer its luxury items directly to the consumer, thereby eliminating the traditional department store and boutique middlemen, passing those savings on to customers. 

Our Concepts:

Wayne James Ltd.com is a Concepts Store—an online retail venue where fashion designer Wayne James unveils new, cutting-edge design ideas—each as a numbered “Opus” (which means “work” in Latin)—directly to customers. Everything offered for sale at Wayne James Ltd.com is created by Wayne James and his team of design-assistants, craftsmen, experts, and manufacturers. All the products carry the Wayne James label, established in 1986.

Slated for release on Wayne James Ltd.com is everything from an exquisite men’s robe, made in New York City of the finest Irish linen; to “Celebration,” Wayne James’ long-awaited men’s fragrance; to a long-sleeved, stark-white shirt made in Boston of the linen worn by popes; to a timeless passport holder constructed in Italy of fine Italian leather; to Wayne James’ Seasonings for Men, a five-blend line of all-natural, no-preservatives seasonings formulated for the modern bachelor; to the Manly Manners books on modern men’s etiquette and lifestyle….

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About Wayne James

In the spring of 1987, Wayne James, while in his last semester of law school at Georgetown University, presented his first collection of fashion at the Anita Shapolsky Gallery on Spring Street in New York’s SoHo. Bergdorf Goodman, arguably the nation’s most discerning retailer of luxury garments, purchased the exclusive New York rights to the collection. James graduated in May of that year, and his garments were being worn by women across America that July. And in 1988, James was declared “One of the rising stars amongst young New York designers” by Washington Post fashion editor Nina Hyde.

To honor the estimated millions of African people who perished onboard slaving vessels during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade between the 15th and 19th centuries, Wayne James established the Homeward Bound Foundation, the International Humanitarian Award-winning organization that in July of 1999 lowered the Middle Passage Monument onto the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, thereby officially placing a gravestone onto what is regarded as the world’s largest graveyard.

In 2008, James was elected Senator of the United States Virgin Islands and appointed as Senate Liaison to the White House. November of 2016 marked the publication of James’ critically acclaimed Manly Manners: Lifestyle & Modern Etiquette for the Young Man of the 21st Century, volume one of James’ 3-volume, 2,000-page treatise on masculine comportment.

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